Who We Are

We're a group of individuals and artists who want to preserve the integrity of Jules Andre Smith's legacy to the art world, the Maitland Art Center (MAC). 

MAC was founded by Smith in 1937 as an artistic oasis for artists, as well as the viewing public, and given to the people of Florida by court order in 1969 as a Public Charitable Trust.  We are striving to make sure that Smith's mission lives on, as he intended, for the welfare of the community. We feel the best way to do that is for MAC to achieve National Historic Landmark Status (NHL). This would elevate the stature and historical significance of the site in a positive way for the community and would provide eligibility for outside funding, primarily from federal sources and grants, for its preservation and restoration

The Friends of Maitland Art Center presented a proposition to the City of Maitland that NHL status should be pursued once again after the issue was dropped by the Association running the facility several years ago.  Documentation was offered to the City in June 2012 and the recommendations were warmly received and eventually acted upon by the City Council.  We're happy to report that National Historic Landmark Status was achieved in 2014.  Thank you Friends of MAC for bringing this important issue to light with the City of Maitland and helping to get the nomination process restarted.  

News and updates on NHL status can be found under the Current NHL Status tab.  Other issues which may be of interest to Friends of MAC, including community events, lease agreements and safeguarding of the art collection, are located under Other News.